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Mikropox, produced with Epoxy resin based system is deigned for coating the surface of some decorative materials and some materials require chemical resistance.
  • Curing conditions: 160 - 200 (C)
  • Gloss variations: 0 - 95 Gloss
Test Unit Standard Value
Phisical Tests
Gloss Gloss(60°) TS 4318-EN ISO 2813 4-95
Impact Resistance Kg cm TS 7962-EN ISO 6272 80-100
Cupping Test Mm TS 6040-EN ISO 1520 7-8
Hardness - TS 6037-EN ISO 2815 90-100
Adhession Gt TS 4313-EN ISO 2409 0
Density g/cm TS - ISO 8130-3 1,30-1,70
Flowability - TS - ISO 8130-5 120-175
Chemical Tests
Salt Spray Hours TS - ISO 7253 1000+
UV Delta E 300W 48h < 3,80
Overbaking Resistance Delta E 200 C°-120dk < 3,80

Application Aeras

Product Group Product Group
Lighting İndoor
Furnitures (Metal) Electronic Equipment Bodies
Domestic Appliances Refrigiators, Washing Machines, Kitchen Equipments
Automotive Oil Filters
Can be use Recomended Strongly recomended

Other Products

Mikromix, the mix of epoxy and polyester resin based systems designed for interior applications. It can be used for protective and/or decorative purposes.
Mikropol, produced with Polyester based resins cured by TGIC hardeners, is suitable for outdoor use.
Mikropur, produced with polyurethane resin based system can be used interior or exterior conditions.
Mikrodur, produced with Super Durable type Polyester based resin system, provides perfect resistance against exterior conditions. That’s why it is the most suitable product for facades.
Mikromid, produced with polyester based resin cured by HAA hardeners is suitable for outdoor use. THIC free.